The Best Organizational Change Management Methodology


The Best Organizational Change Management Methodology

By Infotad Services

Organizations that wish to survive and remain profitable have to change certain elements from time to time. These changes will only be effective if they happen in a structured manner. Experts recommend the use of organizational change management methodology that guarantees a smooth ride.

Many strategies have been proposed based on the situation instigating the changes. The unique structure and operation environment for a business must also be considered. In the absence of a single methodology, the business is left to anchor its strategies on particular principles as highlighted by experts.

An organization must plan for the changes that are bound to happen. Some people will come while others leave. The regulatory atmosphere will shift, necessitating adjustments. Be conscious of changes that are likely to happen and plan for them. This saves you from having to act on impulse when time comes.

Communicate to the right people at the perfect time about the changes that will happen. Stakeholders need to know what is happening and how it will affect them. This includes employees and executives. The mode of communication and details released are important in defining how the transition occurs. The timing must be such that it does not cause panic and also gives you ample time to deal with any issue that might arise as a result.

Avoid the use of force regardless of the situation at hand. Some people will feel uncomfortable by the new arrangement and desire to leave. Provide options for exit or alternatives that are favorable. Forcing particular solutions is usually disastrous. People resist if the systems, structures and solutions provided are not favorable. With alternatives, they can opt out.

Changes taking place should not compromise your principles and culture. There are elements that attract clients to your brand that are not related directly to the products you offer. If your clients feel that the fundamentals have been breached, they will abandon your brand. It also requires time to build new traditions and reputation. Changing the perception of the public will therefore be a risky affair.

Make the people involved to feel the power of authority whenever changes are taking place. Expect resistance but it should never cause you to change your mind. Set targets and move towards them. The only way changes will happen is when they are authoritatively implemented. Without authority, you will be derailed and fail to meet targets set.

Have real champions of change within the organization. These are persons whose actions will inspire other people. They must begin at executive level so that your changes will be supported. Without champions who are strategically placed within your structures, the entire agenda will be too difficult to run.

The strategy will require adjustment in the course of implementation. Original plans are usually idealistic. What you envisaged will not necessary be what is happening on the ground. This is where adjustments are necessary to align your strategy with market position. However, these changes should not affect the principles or foundations of the organization.

Change must be adequately funded. This happens whether you are upgrading or downsizing. New infrastructure will be needed to upgrade or compensation for those leaving the organization. It takes time to see the changes. Support by executives is crucial to achieve desired results.

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